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The best way to manage chick litter, poultry litter. Big "e" pulverizer is used as a litter saver, management, decaker, refurbisher, areator, rerejuvenator and more. The simple solution to breaking hard cake manure into reusable litter.

 Our machine is the simple solution to pulverizing chicken litter in preparation for each batch of new chickens. The machine actually conditions litter in approximately one hour or less per house without digging or disturbing the earth, concrete or other base beneath the litter to be pulverized.

Using a hammer and rake principle, the Big "E" Pulverizer efficiently breaks up months of accumulated manure. This handy unit is hitched behind your tractor with a standard 3~point hitch and runs off the tractor's PTO drive.

 The Big E chicken litter pulverizer is available in red and green.  

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(big "e" pulverizer chicken litter management, poultry litter management)

Watch the Big E Pulverizer in action.

This is the one and only Big E Chicken Pulverizer. By taking the chicken litter and breaking it up without mixing it with the dirt below, you will be able to safely use your chicken sawdust for long past its normal lifespan.  The Big "E" Puliveriver litter saver makes cleaning you chicken houses a snap.  Also the Big "E" Pulverizer maintains and conditions the chicken litter.    
More information on the process can be found on our history page or in the product video. If however your ready to revolutionize your standard chicken pens and want to save time and money, find a dealer near you.

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big "e" pulverizer litter saver, management, decaker, refurbisher, areator, rejuvenator chicken litter decaker, de-caker management. For all the poultry litter management you will need. Chicken litter saver or Poultry litter saver is a wonderful decaker. The decaker (de-caker) is a poultry aka chicken litter management system and litter saver.