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"Big Ed's" Big Invention
Learn the history of the Big E Litter Pulverizer.

 After growing chickens for Sanderson Farms in Ellisville, MS for 
over 20 years, Ed Endom (also known as "Big Ed") kept running into problems with the turnover time between chickens and with "cake" 
of the litter.  As every chicken farmer knows ammonia, moisture and beetles can kill new chickens.  When repeatedly confronted with these problems "Big Ed" (the hobby inventor and master welder) started working on a solution to the problem in the late 70's. 
It was through trial and error that the first machine, the Big E Litter Pulverizer, was completed in 1977. 

Big Ed had no plans to sell the machine, but when other chicken farmers got wind of the machine every local farmer wanted one. That was when Endom farms turned into Big E Inc.  After having his prize invention patented, the welder, farmer, hobby inventor turned salesman.  With the pride he took in his work, he and his wife, Mary Lee Endom, took to the road.  They personally delivered the machines to the farmers for over 15 years, until their health would no longer allow.

In this new information age, years later, we are still a family run business. The Big E Pulverizers are all still made in the same way and at the same location Big "Ed" did so many years ago. Each piece is made from true heavy metal, and nothing is ever stamped out. Thank you for your interest. We hope to serve you and continue our great family tradition of excellent service. 

 Big "Ed" Endom            Mary Lee Endom
Eddie Lee Endom
Josh Endom                  Matthew Endom

God Bless and Many Thanks!
The Endom Family

About Big E Inc.

Providing chicken growers with a machine to efficiently and effectively prepare there chicken houses before and after each growing. 

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big "e" pulverizer saver, management, decaker